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One Worshipped Cat - My Cat Isis

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The goddess Isis was the revered daughter of the earth and sky. The cat Isis is a family pet who is just as special.

My Cat Isis is a tongue-in-cheek picture book with dazzling collage, painting, and pen-and-ink illustrations by Virginie Egger. Through lighthearted comparisons between his modern cat and its ancient goddess namesake, a young narrator reveals an intense love for both worlds. An ideal book for pet lovers and lovers of ancient history alike!

Reviews and Honours

A Resource Links 2011 Year's Best title.

Recommended by the Canadian Children's Book Centre: "My Cat Isis takes a loving look at the similarities and differences between an ancient Egyptian divinity and a boy's cat."

Recommended by the Cooperative Children's Book Center as "...a picture book full of laugh-out-loud humour and brimming with feeling."

"Kids intrigued by ancient Egypt and cats will appreciate the narrator's evident love for both topics." (Booklist)

"Whether you wish to start an approach to Egyptian mythology or just love cats and want something lightly humorous, this unique book with fascinating collage illustrations is just the ticket." Biblio Reads Children's Book Review)

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Picture Book (ages 4-7)

  • 32 pages, full colour, hardcover
  • Themes: pets, ancient Egypt, humour
  • published March 2011; ISBN: 978-1-55453-413-5

Buy a Copy


You can purchase a copy of My Cat Isis from me at one of my talks, or through the mail by request.

Alas, that's the only place you can now purchase this book, since it was put out of print in December 2015, largely due to its unfortunate title. 

You may still be able to find a copy at your local library. (If your local library doesn't carry a title, ask for an interlibrary loan.)

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