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"Her writing cuts straight to the heart."

(The Globe and Mail).

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cath winter 2011 I grew up in Kingston, Ontario, the youngest of five children. I studied political science at Queen's University and environmental studies at York University before moving to the Ottawa area to work in the conservation movement.

I wrote short stories in my student days and published about a dozen in small literary journals. I didn't write much fiction for several years, while working full-time and starting a family. Eventually, I quit office life to raise children and write freelance - both of which I still do. I sometimes miss my old work and feel like I should be doing more with my life. Sigh.

I wrote my first story for children in 2003, and I am now starting to get the hang of it. My first book, Walking Backward, was published with Orca in 2009. I've since published several books and won several book awards. I write for all ages. 

I live in Aylmer (Gatineau), Quebec with my family, in a little house with a big yard full of rodents, rabbits, and the occasional fox and falcon. It is inspiring.

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Odds and Ends

mushroom I like yoga, drums, and swimming with flippers on my feet. I quilt by hand in front of the television while watching the Love Nature channel. I make good cookies and great salads. I take awesome photographs of mushrooms.

I love wildlife, music and museums. I don't care about houses, clothes, or celebrity gossip. I hate fashion magazines, but I sometimes read them in waiting rooms and find them hard to put down. I love to read aloud (books, that is, not fashion mags).

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