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Book Talk and Busy Work

Whether you are reading 28 Tricks for a Fearless Grade 6 on your own, in school, or as part of a library study group, you can follow up your reading with one of these questions or activities.


28 Tricks Crossword Puzzle

A simple 20-word crossword puzzle that you will not be able to complete unless you actually read 28 Tricks for a Fearless Grade 6.

Download or print the puzzle.

Dowload or print the answer page.


28 Tricks Word Search

Who needs to find a cure for their glossophobia when there are fearless words to search for?

Download or print the word search.

Download or print the answer sheet.

28 Tricks Follow-Up Questions

  1. Interview your classmates to find out if anyone has a phobia. Ask how long they’ve had it, if they know how it originated, and if they’ve ever tried to overcome it. What’s the strangest phobia in the group?
  2. Eric sometimes misuses words. Find instances throughout the book (pages 12, 26, 32, 46, 72, 108, 112, 175). What word do you think he really intends to say?
  3. A healthy dose of fear can help us stay safe, but too much fear can be debilitating (Eric might say it’s defibrillating). Discuss the good and bad consequences of the “Peter Pan treatment” that Dave and his friends try in part 4 of 28 Tricks (trying to cure their fears with happy thoughts).

Extra Phobia Follow-Up

Learn more about other phobias by reading my Phobia Sampler. Then do the Follow-up Phobia Quiz and Phobia Name Match-up.

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