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"Her writing cuts straight to the heart."

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Book Talk, Graffiti, Busy Work

If you are reading All Good Children on your own, in school, or as part of a library study group, you could follow up the reading by seeking out and correcting injustices perpetrated on vulnerable populations near you. But if you aren't up for that, try one of these other fun activities.

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Talk up a Storm

Kickstart your discussions and show off your smarts with this list of follow-up questions on the form (metaphors, slang, point of view) and content (embryo selection, rich kids, excuses) of All Good Children. Put on your thinking caps and get chatting.

Download the Discussion Questions .pdf


Write your Name like Max

Whether you're making a statement in a public place or scribbling on the back of your binder, do it in a fancy font. Follow these step-by-step instructions on writing graffiti-style when you're out of paint.

Check out the Art Activity .pdf.


Crossword Puzzle

A simple 24-word crossword puzzle, but be warned: a few of the clues will stump you unless you actually read the novel.

Download or print the puzzle .pdf.

Dowload or print the answer page .pdf.


Word Search

Who needs to find a safe haven when there are unique words to look for? From "Ally" to "Zombie", this find-a-word will keep you busy while the world collapses around you.

Download or print the word search .pdf.

Download or print the answer sheet .pdf.

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