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Where Can Young Writers Publish Their Work?

If you are a child or teenager who loves to write, it is natural to want to publish your work.

If you have written a book-length manuscript, read my almost-book-length Letter to a Young Novelist for advice on publishing.

If you write short stories or poems, submit your very best work to the editors at one of the following publications. (Click on the publication name to see their submission guidelines.)

If your work is not ready for traditional publishing, you could post it on one of the many websites like or where writers share and critique each others' drafts. (Just keep in mind that once you post your work anywhere on the internet, it may not be eligible for some contests or magazines.)

FYI, the following list concentrates on publication opportunities for Canadian youth. If you are American, you have lots of other opportunities, too. Check out the NewPages Young Authors Guide for more information.

International Print Magazines:

  • The Claremont Review features poetry, short stories, and short plays by young writers aged 13-19.
  • Stone Soup is a beautiful magazine featuring prose and poetry from writers aged 13 and under.
  • New Moon magazine features short stories and bios by and for girls aged 8 and up on changing themes.
  • The Scrumbler is an international poetry magazine for children aged 7-13, which includes work from writers of all ages.
  • Skipping Stones is an international magazine that accepts submissions by writers and artists of all ages.
  • Highlights Magazine publishes young writers’ poems, drawings, and more in every issue.

More than Mags:

  • Teen Ink is a website, magazine, and book publisher featuring the writing of young people up to adulthood.
  • Hanging Loose Press publishes a magazine and books that include writing by high school students.

Websites for the youngest writers:

  • CyberKids is a website that publishes art and writing by and for kids aged 7-12.
  • Launch Pad is an electronic publisher of .pdfs of fiction, nonfiction and poetry by kids aged 6-14, matched with the work of young artists, and published on the Launch Pad website. Pretty awesome.


Many national organizations, regional guilds and local libraries have writing contests for children and youth, some of which result in print and online publication. Links to current contests change too rapidly to list here but you can follow my blog or Facebook Page to keep track of contests as they arise. And be sure to ask at your local library if there's an opportunity for young writers in your area.

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