Cabin Tales Episodes

Season One of Cabin Tales

About Cabin Tales

There are plenty of podcasts out there featuring scary stories for mature audiences. This is not one of them

Each full episode of Cabin Tales opens with an original spooky story, followed by excerpts from classics that exemplify the writing topic, writing exercises, and advice from some of Canada’s finest authors for children and teens. The episodes close with a final story prompt that listeners are invited to finish.

Each half-episode features additional advice and interviews with more guest authors on the previous week’s theme.

All stories featured on Cabin Tales are the sort that young people might tell around a campfire to spook their friends. There is no explicit or mature content, but the stories and prompts are not for tiny tots. People die. Critters turn monstrous. Creepy things abound. Consider them PG. 

The half-episodes of author interviews and creative writing commentary appropriate for all ages.

The Music

Music on the podcast is from “Stories of the Old Mansion” by Akashic Records, provided by Jamendo (Standard license for online use). 

The Artwork

The black-and-white images throughout the site are from illustrated books in the public domain found on the awesome website, Old Book Illustrations.

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