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Three Cheers for the Big Yellow Bus

A late August entry in my journal includes this little ditty dedicated to parents of teenagers in summertime: They were laughing, he and she, in their private cafe, before you stepped out of your room grown tall beyond towers of blocks, beyond models, stories, construction paper,… Continue Reading “Three Cheers for the Big Yellow Bus”


Freewriting is a practice I first learned about in Spilling Ink (A Young Writer’s Handbook by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter). It’s simple: Once a day, begin to write and don’t stop – don’t take that pen off the page or those fingers off… Continue Reading “Freewriting”

Book Launch – the Missing Fable

Writers, readers, book-buyers, teens and tweens in Canada’s national capital region on Sunday, October 30th, head over to Aylmer (Gatineau, Quebec) to celebrate the release of my two fall titles: 26 Tips for Surviving Grade 6, a middle-grade comedy from Lorimer, and All Good Children,… Continue Reading “Book Launch – the Missing Fable”

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