My Cat Isis

One Worshipped Cat

My first picture book.
My first picture book, illustrated by Virginie Egger and published by Kids Can Press.

“The ancient Egyptians worshipped Isis as their Ruler in Heaven and Queen on Earth. I love my Isis because she is my cat.”

Through a series of light-hearted comparisons between his cat and its goddess namesake, a young boy reveals surprising similarities and differences between ancient Egypt and the modern world.

An advanced picture book, with collage and paint illustrations by Virginie Egger.

“Kids intrigued by ancient Egypt and cats will appreciate the narrator’s evident love for both topics.”¬†– Booklist

Alas, this lovely picture book is out of print. (No one really wants a cat named Isis anymore, on account of the terrorist group of the same name.)

But Egyptian mythology is still fun, so check out the gods and goddesses on my Ancient Egypt Fun Stuff page.

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