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The Autumn 2021 issue of The Dalhousie Review, released in Spring 2022 🙂

I’m thrilled to have a short story in the latest issue of The Dalhousie Review — my first one in its pages. The magazine was founded in 1921 and is still in print after 100 years. Amazing.

My story, “Down the Drain,” is about a writer on the brink of madness. (Over the brink by the story’s end.) It’s a piece I’ve read at two regional writers’ meetings to warm reception and assurances that the story is both funny and full of pain. Like life. Like the writing life, certainly.

I’d link to it here, but The Dalhousie Review is a print journal, and you need a subscription to read it. (So subscribe!)

I love a print journal. I switch my subscriptions regularly to support as many as I can. I don’t fully read all that I subscribe to, for lack of time. And I don’t have enough bookshelf space to keep them all so I pass them on to other writers. But I love them anyway. It’s nice to hold a literary journal in your hands.

I love an online journal, too. I’m used to easy access to free stuff and I like the act of clicking almost as much as turning pages. So I’m thrilled to have another story coming out this season in Carousel, another longstanding Canadian literary magazine (since the 1980s), and one that became exclusively online in 2020.

The latest issue of Carousel.

I’ll keep you posted when that story — “Sadistic Romance Writers” — comes out. It’s another one directed at writers, a comedic piece about boredom and the search for new stories at any cost.

I still write for young people. I’m writing a story for Blue Met right now, on the theme of numbers — I’ll link to that when it’s out this fall.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a litmag to publish your work, there are dozens of great ones out there, both print and online. I used to keep a list here on my website, but the best, most comprehensive and regularly updated list I’ve found is this one:

The CBC’s “Guide to Canadian Litmags

(The CBC’s “Guide to Young Writers’ Contests” is also fab.)

So check those out. Write. Submit. Repeat. Good luck!

Thank-you, Canada Council for the Arts!

I was fortunate to receive a Research and Creation grant from the Canada Council for the Arts last year, funding the past 8 months of dedicated writing time so I could draft a new teen novel. And today I drafted the final scene of the book. Hurrah! 

There’s a ton of revision yet to do, but getting that first draft completed is the biggest hurdle for me. Or if not the biggest, the first. You don’t get anywhere until you’re over that one. So this is a huge milestone to celebrate.

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MYAIF: More Fun for Young Writers in Ottawa/Gatineau

[Updated March 18th 2022] Hey kids, I know you’re hustling to get your poems, stories, and graphic narratives finished in time to enter the Ottawa Public Library’s Awesome Authors Youth Writing contest. Some of you might even be prepping for tomorrow’s Awesome Author teen workshops or fondly remembering the pre-teen workshops of the past few weeks (thanks — I had a blast). But why not sign up for even more writing and illustrating fun this season?

Registrations are open for MASC’s annual Young Authors and Illustrators Festival (aka MYAIF).

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Awesome Authors 2022 is on!

Awesome Authors Youth Writing Contest

The Ottawa Public Library’s Awesome Authors Youth Writing Contest is back! Young writers of the nation’s capital, get to work on your poems, short stories, and comics. You could win publication, glory, cold hard cash!

Learn all the details from the Awesome Authors page on the OPL website.

I’ll be judging English fiction in the 9-12 age category again this year — and I want to read your story!

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Launching Squirrels

November 17 Update: Thanks to everyone who attended the virtual launch of When the Squirrels Stole my Sister. I loved seeing all your faces and having your company to celebrate the book. (And I think we all drew some fabulous squirrels, thanks to Sean!)

Please check out the book page: When the Squirrels Stole my Sister for lots of squirrelly entertainment extras.

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