Wonderful Book Review

I know I said I wasn’t going to read any more Walking Backward book reviews, but fellow author Kate Jaimet sent me an email this weekend congratulating me on my review in the Globe & Mail, so I just had to check it out. (I was wary of opening the page, but Kate’s congratulations spurred me on.)

And…wow, it is amazing! It’s a long and thorough look at the book that ends with the words, “…a wise, rich novel, wonderfully compelling for children and adults alike.” What a glorious sentence for an author to read about her first book! My husband has been quoting the review all day, calling everything I do “honest, charming, wise.” (As in, “Good coffee, Cath. It’s honest, charming and wise.”)

Strange, but my first thought was, “I wish my mom were alive so I could send her a copy.” I will have to settle for showing my children, but it’s not the same.

I’m going to post a copy of the review on my motivational corkboard. That should push me through at least another 20 pages of my novel-in-progress.

For now, I promise my next post will not be so self-centred. I’ll write about the fun I had at Kate Jaimet’s launch of Dunces Anonymous and Barbara Reid’s art demonstration/book signing of Perfect Snow (just as soon as I take the photos off my camera).

3 Comments on “Wonderful Book Review

  1. Congratulations on the G&M review, Catherine.
    I don’t think I’ve ever read a review that was that positive about a first novel.
    Of course, it’s well deserved.
    Looking forward to the next one, and to whatever you happen to blog in the meantime,

  2. It’s a super-fantastic review, and you definitely deserve it! I’m glad that you posted something about it here. There are some of us who occasionally miss the odd issue of the G&M (er…ahem), and it’s nice to have someone pass along the good stuff that we missed.

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