Emerging Writer Opportunities

Knock knock. Who’s there? Opportunity. Opportunity who?

It’s not a joke. Opportunity is walking away shaking its head right now.

Here are a few timely contests for emerging Canadian writers bold enough to try their luck.

The Writers’ Union Short Prose Competition. Check it out here. It’s open to all Canadian writers who do NOT have book-length publications. There is a cash award for the best prose submission. Fiction or non-fiction. English language. November 10th deadline. That’s all I know.

The CBC Literary Awards. Everybody knows about these because they put the winners on the radio and in the Air Canada magazine — and who hasn’t been stuck on an airplane with nothing to read?. Check it out here. It’s open to published or unpublished Canadian writers. Cash prizes for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. English and French languages. November 1st deadline. 

And for fellow Quebec-based English-language writers who are not in it for the money, the Quebec Writers’ Federation offers a mentorship program for emerging writers. Selected mentees are matched with established writers who dedicate up to 40 hours on the emerging writer’s work over approximately 4 months. Check it out here.  For writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or plays without other mentoring resources (no MFA students or writers working with publishing houses). English language. December 1st deadline. 

There are dozens of other opportunities out there. Good luck.

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