Book Launch Afterword (II)


About a hundred people showed up at my local library yesterday to help me celebrate the release of my first picture book, My Cat Isis, illustrated by Virginie Egger, published by Kids Can Press earlier this month.

Yes, that read, “a hundred.” Good thing my library had such a nice big room to hold them.

Before the launch began, I worried that no one would show. I feared I would have to make Ancient Egyptian crafts by myself all afternoon, while my friend Anni strummed her guitar and my husband consoled me with baklava. 

But when the clock struck two, people began streaming in. I’ve never had so many hugs in one day before! I was deeply touched by all the friends, neighbours, writers, and readers who came out to celebrate with me.


A good half of the guests were under ten. They listened to my story and munched on goodies. Then they beaded necklaces, drew pictures, told fortunes with cootie catchers, and mummified teddy bears (and each other…)


I like to throw a party when I launch a book because, honestly, how often does it happen? (Not often. Only twice so far.) 

Thankfully, I had help from my friends and family. Special thanks go to Margaret Little of Michabou Bilingual Bookstore (which handled the book table) and Guy Dubois of the Municipality of Gatineau (which provided the room) for their personal dedication and good cheer.

A couple of songs by my talented friend Anni were just the right follow-up to the reading.

After the stories and music and crafts, there was mingling and munching and even more hugs. 

Thanks to everyone who came out. Publishing a new book is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and I’m so happy to have such great people to celebrate with.


3 Comments on “Book Launch Afterword (II)

  1. Sounds like a fabulous event, Catherine! Wish I lived closer so I could have gone too. Loved that you gave me a glimpse of the fun here.

  2. Congratulations on a successful book launch party! We all had such a wonderful time! Thank you for inviting us to enjoy your special day with you.


    • Thanks, Julie. It was great to see you there. You can be sure I’ll come to your first picture book launch in the future. And Lizann, we’ll meet at another fab event sometime in the future, too – maybe one of your launches.

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