Making Time to Write

I wanted to blog today in order to procrastinate on writing an Annual Report due Friday – most of my meagre blogging attempts coincide with the due dates of paid writing contracts – but alas, procrastination is not in the cards for me because fellow writer Lizann Flatt has made me her guest blogger today. Check out my interview on Lizann’s blog. (We finished it a few months ago so it’s slightly out of date but, given how much I procrastinate, it’s not nearly as out of date as one might expect.)

Be sure to check out Lizann's books!

My work is done here.  I’ll be back before my next dealine.

2 Comments on “Making Time to Write

  1. Thanks for this mention, Catherine! Just saw it now. Much appreciated. And check out all the great comments people left about your interview. Thanks again!

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