Book Launch Afterward (III)

In the audience at my own launch

Thanks to all the friends, neighbours, writers and readers who came out to the launch of my new releases on Sunday. It’s always touching to see so much community support, and it’s great to celebrate the birth of my new books, All Good Children and 26 Tips for Surviving Grade 6.

It was, as always, a fun party that had lots of support. My local library provided the launch space in its beautiful varriere. (Thanks to Kayleigh Felice and the City of Gatineau.) My local independent bookstore admirably staffed the book table. (Thanks to Margaret Little and her crew of young assistants, and to Michabou Bilingual Bookstore.)
Students of Lord Aylmer Elementary School drew gorgeous Halloween pictures to decorate the walls at the launch. (Both books have Halloween scenes, so it was highly appropriate artwork.)
I supplemented the art with tongue-in-cheek displays on survival tips and dystopian fiction (and awesome review excerpts).
Anni at the launch

Of course, I read from my books. But then I quickly sat down and let my friend Anni del Sol take the stage with a couple of handpicked tunes to set the right mood for the books. Lovely.

Kids took over the craft table and made friendship bracelets and graffiti art. (Then they took over the refreshment table and ate fruit and baked goods.)

The party just kind of ran itself,  and I got to chat with an awful lot of people that I don’t see often enough. (I should have parties more often. Without having to write a book first.)
I heard the most wonderful comments at the launch, like how my book launches help “stitch a community together” and how I’ve inspired others to write their own books.
Now, that’s a party to remember. Thanks, everyone.

2 Comments on “Book Launch Afterward (III)

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. If I ever hear of something like that happening in my area, I should go; maybe get some bright ideas for any launch parties in my career’s future. (:

    • Yes, you should definitely go. There were several published and aspiring writers at this one, and it’s always a treat to meet another writer in your area. (Plus there’s coffee. And books.)

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