Giving Away More Books

Today I’m a guest author on the awesome book blog, 10 Stories Up. Head over there to read my answers to some tough questions, like:

Do you think the reason many adults condemn contemporary children’s literature is because they don’t (or choose not to) remember what it was really like to be a kid? and

Tell us how you became interested in behaviour modification, and how it became central to this riveting story.

Holy Smokes, those are good questions!

There’s another book giveaway to go with this interview, so check it out and leave a comment sometime between now and Sunday. (Since hardly anyone else reads my blog to find out about the giveaway, you have an excellent chance of winning).

Congratulations to Cathy, who won the last giveaway from Just Deb, another great book blog.

(Cathy will probably not enter this new giveaway – because that would just be greedy – so with her out of the picture this time, the odds of winning are even better!)

I’ll be stopping by 10 Stories Up throughout the day to respond to any comments that come in. So drop me a note. You just might win two books. And if not, you’ll discover a really good book blog – definitely worth a click.

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