What’s New Wednesday: Dystopian Domination 2

Obviously I didn’t make any 2012 resolutions to blog more often. And apparently blogging is a lot like exercise in that the longer I’m away from it, the more effort it seems to require. I needed a real kick in the pants to get here today.

I got that kick, thankfully, from a couple of awesome bloggers who love dystopian novels and asked me to be part of their month-long Dystopian Domination extravaganza. I have emerged from hibernation to proudly take part.

If you missed 2011’s Dystopian Domination of the blogosphere, you have a fresh opportunity to get in on it in 2012. It is a month of interviews, reviews, and giveaways on two great book blogs. Check out the Dystopian Domination 2 schedule.

As you’ll notice from the schedule, the domination is already in full swing. I hibernated through the first week – sorry. But there are still several weeks of fun left. So take part.

I will add my two cents to the bid for domination on January 21st, with a giveaway of my teen novel, All Good Children and an author interview on the Fragments of Life book blog. Check it out on Saturday. And check out all the other dystopian and apocalyptic posts before and after that day. The domination runs from January 9th through February 11th. Plenty of time for the world to go terribly wrong.

And if you’re wondering about the book covers on this page, no, none of these stellar novels will be part of the 2012 domination of the blogosphere. Bummer. They are a few of my favourite dystopian novels from distant and recent pasts: 1984 by George Orwell, The Chrysalids by John Windham, The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer, and Feed by T.M. Anderson. If you haven’t read them, try them – whether you think you like dystopian fiction or not. They’re just good books.

4 Comments on “What’s New Wednesday: Dystopian Domination 2

  1. I am still totally looking forward to reading my copy of “All Good Children” (as well as “26 Tips for Survivng Grade 6”)!
    I haven’t had a chance to read anything at all since before Christmas, which would have driven me thoroughly insane if the reason hadn’t been that I’ve spent all that time writing. But I see a break in my all-consuming writing project on the horizon, and that break will be filled with reading, with your books at the top of the list. 😀
    Have fun with your fellow dystopians!

  2. I loved FEED. Loved. Such a good book – and so prescient!

    I’ll have to check out THE HOUSE OF THE SCORPION – although it looks so familiar I think I might have a copy floating around the house somewhere. You know you’re a lost cause when the line between the books you’ve thought about buying and the books you’ve actually bought starts to blur.

    • And let’s not even talk about the books I’ve bought twice. (Those make good gifts.) Hmm, come to think of it, Ishta, I may have two copies of House of the Scorpion….

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