We interrupt this blog…

Should I blog or play with the puppy?

…to bring you PUPPIES!

Well, just one puppy. But what a puppy. Sigh. I’m smitten.

Puppy’s vital stats:

Name: Ernest  (AKA Ernie, Ernesto, Che, and occasionally the names of my cats and children when I get confused)

Age: 3 months; he’s been with us since age 8 weeks.

Breed: Labrador/Boxer mix (Chosen because one of the owners – either me or my spouse, I’m not pointing the finger here – misled the other into thinking that boxers were low-energy dogs that would balance the high-energy Lab genes. HAHAHAHA. Jogging, anyone?)

Status: Adorable

To anyone who actually reads my blog, I apologize for the several weeks of silence, but my life has become a series of brief visits to the computer in between training, fetch, and piddle sessions. I’ve been using those visits to actually write a book. (Well, revise, but that’s the main part of writing for messy drafters like me.) Blogging has taken a back seat.

But it’s not all I’ve been neglecting. There is a long list of things I have NOT been doing lately:

  • house-cleaning;
  • regular bathing;
  • cooking;
  • working (i.e., for pay);
  • answering emails;
  • blogging.

And here is my list of things I HAVE been doing:

  • walking
  • cleaning up pee
  • practicing “sit,” “off,” and “high five”
  • writing a book
  • ignoring my cats
  • ignoring my children
  • ignoring my husband
  • repeating “You’re so cute! How can you be so cute! Oh my god, you’re just so cute!” ad nauseum.

Clearly I am too busy to blog.

Should I blog or walk the dog?

I was feeling bad about leaving this blog reading, Come to my event that happened last month, so I thought I better just pop in while Ernest is napping and make my excuses. Now that that’s taken care of, I really must go. We’re working on “drop it” and then we’re off to the woods (for the third time today – it has been over a year since my old dog Charlie passed away and I really haven’t been for a walk since, so I have some lost time and saggy muscles to make up for).

I figure it’ll be another week or two before I can tear myself away from the little pooper. But I will return eventually with a Friday Fable.

Oh, they grow so fast.

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