Quebec Writing Competition


If you are a writer in Quebec, you have about ten days left to submit your short prose masterpiece to this year’s Quebec Writing Competition, brought to you by the CBC and its exceptional provincial partners. (It’s like the regular CBC short story competition, but just for Quebec writers. And if you think it’s unfair that Quebec writers get this extra shot at writerly prizes, then you clearly have not lived in la belle province, where every contest you try to enter has the fine print “residents of Quebec are not eligible.” We need this chance, believe me.)

Short stories or creative non-fiction under 1200 words — that’s what they’re looking for. So if you have it, send it in. (There is an entry fee but there are cash prizes and lots of eager readers. See contest rules for more info.)

poetryIf you’re a Canadian but you don’t live in Quebec, put your prose aside for a bit and write a poem, or go to a poetry reading, or pick up a book of poems and read aloud to your cats, because April is National Poetry Month here in Canada and we could all use more poetry in our lives. (I’m a bit late on that announcement, but I have actually been reading quite a bit of poetry so I don’t feel at all behind.)

And yeah, I know this is my only blog post all month. But there’s one Friday left for a fable. (Maybe I’ll write it in verse.)

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