Quick Write

I’m very pleased to participate in the Children’s Illustrators’ Studio MASH-UP this week.

The Mash-up pairs a writer and illustrator in a blind creation process that grows from just a name, a species, a trade and a location. Last week I got my instructions: write a story about Ricardo, an armadillo who delivers pizzas in a hot air balloon.

Today I got to see my hastily written story illustrated by Danielle Arbour. It’s beyond my hopes. Just gorgeous. Check it out.

And be sure to subscribe to the Children’s Illustrators’ Studio blog. Get to know Danielle and some of the other fabulous artists working in children’s illustration today.

2 Comments on “Quick Write

    • Thanks! I haven’t done that sort of writing exercise for ages – five keywords and a time limit: Go!

      It was fun to try it again. And oh so nice to have it illustrated so beautifully. Thanks for checking it out.

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