28 Tricks Winner – and more to be won!

28 tricks coverNow that I’ve rested up from over-blogging last month, I’m back to announce the winner of my Fearless February contest: Danielle E. Shipley. Congratulations, Danielle. A copy of 28 Tricks for a Fearless Grade 6 will soon be heading your way.

If you want to win a copy of this hilarious middle-grade comedy, you have another chance. My publisher, Lorimer, is doing a Goodreads Giveaway for this title, and you can enter any time this month.

(NB: 28 Tricks just received its first review, on Readerly, the website of the National Reading Campaign, in which the reviewer, Gillian O’Reilly, editor of Canadian Children’s Book News, used the word “hilarious” – as well as “funny, wise, fast-paced and engaging.” So it’s not like I’m bragging; I’m simply reporting the facts. The book is hilarious. Or at least a few scenes are hilarious and the rest are funny, which is pretty awesome.)

Click here to enter the Goodreads Giveaway for 28 Tricks for a Fearless Grade 6.

Goodreads does its random draws electronically, but I did my old-school, thus:

1. Write out names of entrants (i.e., those who commented on this blog during Fearless February) on scraps of paper and fold in half.


2. Remove cat from area and pick up all the bits of paper from floor.


3. Turn face to ceiling while fondling paper scraps and remove one scrap from pile.


4. Notify winner. (You cannot tell but that paper says “desh” which is my shorthand for D.E. Shipley, who commented many times on the blog and fearlessly shared her fears.)

This is probably not the most exciting thing in Danielle E. Shipley’s life at the moment, since her first novel with J. Taylor Publishing is coming out on Monday (Inspired, check it out, and learn more on Danielle’s blog). But it is a little exciting. Winning always feels good.

Thanks to everyone who commented last month, and to everyone who stopped by to enjoy my phobia fun facts.

28 Tricks for a Fearless Grade 6 will be released on March 18th, and I’ll be taking it on a couple of author tours of schools and libraries in April and May (details to come in my next blog post).

In the meantime, good luck to everyone entering the Goodreads Giveaway

4 Comments on “28 Tricks Winner – and more to be won!

  1. *Gasp*! Just look at the rewards that come with facing one’s fears! ^.^ Many thanks for the officially hilarious book coming my way (huzzah for hilarity!), and for the “Inspired” shout-out. Best wishes from me & my book baby to you & yours. (:

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