Gaspe’s BookFest

bookfestIt was a pleasure to spend the week touring schools along the Gaspe coast as part of the region’s BookFest 2014.

I visited English elementary schools from Gaspe southwest to New Richmond, driving from town to town along the Atlantic Ocean (peeking over snowbanks sometimes to check out the view) and stopping to give 12 presentations to groups of students in schools large and small.

All schools should be ocean-view schools.
All schools should be ocean-view schools.

(The smallest school I visited had just 19 children, divided into two classes: 1-2-3 and 4-5-6. It was lovely.)

I even got to visit the Magdalen Islands, which is where I am right now. So what the heck am I doing inside blogging? I have just a few hours to go snap some more pictures of the ocean, so I’d better be going.

Where I am now.
Where I am now.

Thanks to all the students, staff, and Bookfest organizers who made this trip possible. (And thanks to the ocean for always being there on my left to keep me from getting lost.)

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