Book Week in Nova Scotia: Day One (Saturday)

Blue sky, blue water.
Blue sky, blue water.

So far things are pretty awesome with my Children’s Book Week 2014 trip to Nova Scotia. (I haven’t actually begun working yet. Gruelling days are ahead. Or at least not quite so easy days as today.)

First, I got to Halifax and found an ocean and sunshine and happy people walking all over wearing T-shirts.

After a big bowl of clam chowder, I walked around the harbourfront taking photos of public art.

Lovely limp lampost.
Lovely limp lamp post.

comic signThen I turned a corner and saw this sign beckoning from across the street:

No way. Could the day get any better?

I don’t know the origins of this wondrous event that occurs the first Saturday in May, but I defy you to not get excited about it. I haven’t been an avid comic book reader since childhood (my husband saved a box of his and we occasionally pore over them, reminiscing about “Rat Island”), but I still get excited about being given free comics.

(Okay, maybe not excited enough to wait in the hour-long line-up for Walking Dead freebies, but excited enough to scoop a bunch of all-ages comics from the outdoor table.)

Just a few of today's free kid-friendly comics.
Just a few of today’s free kid-friendly comics.


(Okay, the Samurai Jack comic wasn’t free. I felt the need to support the comic book industry after taking so much free merchandise.)

After embracing pop culture so fully, I had to visit an art gallery, 1274 Hollis, where I bought a print and restored my highbrow levels. Tonight I’ll be heading to the Nova Scotia Children’s Literature Round Table Book Bash to hear local authors introduce their recent books. Then I can come back to my hotel and read my Hello Kitty comic. What a day.

All tolled, I am loving Halifax. Next weekend, when I’m back here after my Book Week tour ends, the neighbourhood turns into a giant artsy foodie party called Open City. That’s just as good as free comics!

In between now and then, I’ll be visiting with elementary students across the province to talk about writing books. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to blog about it here. If it’s not too gruelling.

The month is off to a good start.


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