Three Cheers for the Big Yellow Bus

A gathering of geese in late summer, thinking, "we've got to get out of here."
A gathering of geese in late summer, thinking, “We’ve got to get out of here.”

A late August entry in my journal includes this little ditty dedicated to parents of teenagers in summertime:

They were laughing, he and she, in their private cafe, before

you stepped out of your room

grown tall

beyond towers of blocks,

beyond models, stories, construction paper,

beyond anything you built together.

They drained their cups and turned their faded faces,

remembering your eyes when you were born. They

picked at drops of hardened honey on the table,

picked at dog hairs on their sleeves,

picked at whatever you suggested they should give you now.

Their shoulders fell to ruin

and they grieved the loss of you

when there you were

just out of reach

head to trim

in the doorway,


Okay, so I know what you’re thinking: here’s a woman who needs the kids to go back to school. And also: that kid in the doorway needs to get away from her. Thank God it’s September.

My keeping-it-together rug.
My keeping-it-together rug.

Yes! Whoo-hoo! Hip hip hooray! Three cheers for the big yellow bus that takes my children away in the morning. I have seven hours of alone time every day to earn my living and maybe finish a book and learn to appreciate my family in their absence.

Just how insane did constant company drive me these past months?

I made a rug. Like from scratch, with scrap material I tore into strips, braided, and sewed in loops with a needle and thread — the sort of thing only enslaved or imprisoned people do. Not a little bath mat either but a five by four foot rug. It’s in my office now. I look at it and think, sheesh, you’re barely hanging on if you’re braiding a rug that size. Keep it together, girl.

Mind you, it is pretty and much better than braiding a noose.


My cheerful new journal.
My cheerful new journal.


I have just completed my first week of back-to-school-and-work and I am loving it. I’ve kept to this daily schedule:

7:30: journal

8:00: exercise

8:45: shower

8:59: tidy house

9:00-12:00: work on writing project with closest deadline or highest pay rate

12:00: walk dog

1:00: eat, read

2:00-5:00: work on whatever takes my fancy

5:00 onward: chillax with loved ones (blog on Fridays)

Is that an awesome schedule or what? No more rugs in my near future. I will braid me a novel these coming months. (Something for unappreciated teens with joyless parents who let them down. A real crowd pleaser.)

Sometimes you just need to go sit in your trough and chillax.
Sometimes you just need to go sit in your trough and chillax.

That’s it for this Friday. Have a happy weekend.



6 Comments on “Three Cheers for the Big Yellow Bus

    • So many of us look forward to it! You can hear the “hallelujah”s up and down the street that first day back at school. I love my children very much; it’s just easier to feel the love when they’re not around 24/7 leaving dirty socks on the floor, the couch, behind the toilet (who takes their socks off on the toilet?!). 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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