Monday Markets: Upcoming Writing Contests and Calls for Submission

Looking for somewhere to submit your work? Fishing for a topic for your next story? Here are a few suggestions and opportunities coming up in September and October 2015.

For Teachers and Students:

Sea turtle (photo from Pixabay--thanks.)

The Ocean Trash Write-Away Short Fiction Contest:

Writers under 25 are invited to envision solutions to the problem of ocean trash for this short story contest hosted by Sapiens Plurum, the Center for Science & Imagination, the Ocean Conservancy and Talk Like a Pirate Day. Twenty-five winning stories of 1500-3000 words will be chosen for cash prizes and online publication. Deadline: September 26th. Details online at the Sapiens Plurum website.  (The site is well worth a lingering visit–even after the contest ends–especially for teachers who want to bring this issue into the classroom.)

atlas-shrugged-book-coverAyn Rand Essay Contest:

Ayn Rand fans are still going strong! Students worldwide in grade 12 through university are invited to submit English-language essays on one of Rand’s novels (Anthem, the Fountainhead, or—everybody’s favourite—Atlas Shrugged). Deadline October 23rd. Over 500 prizes totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Details online at the Ayn website.


For Adult Writers of Children’s Fiction:

leeandlowNew Visions Award: If you are an American writer of colour seeking to publish your first book for children or young adults, submit your manuscript to Lee and Low’s “New Visions Award.” The prize is $1,000 plus their standard publishing contract — and who wouldn’t want that with such a respected publishing house? Deadline October 31st. Details online at the Lee and Low website.


gargoyleFor Adult Writers of Speculative Short Fiction:

Those Who Make Us: Canadian writers who like to play with convention are invited to submit speculative short stories for possible inclusion in the upcoming Exile Editions anthology, Those Who Make Us, an collection of creature, myth and monster stories. Payment of $0.05/word for First Publication Rights and non-exclusive Anthology Rights. Stories of 2,000-7,000 words. Deadline November 2, 2015. Guidelines online at the anthology’s blog.

On that note, I’m going to go reread my favourite Wendigo story for inspiration. (That’s Algernon Blackwood’s “The Wendigo.”)

Enjoy your week.

(Thanks to Pixabay for the free photos.)

2 Comments on “Monday Markets: Upcoming Writing Contests and Calls for Submission

  1. Pingback: The Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition

    • This pingback lists a contest for adult writers of children’s fiction open now from The Times/Chicken House. It charges an entry fee, FYI. (I don’t generally list contests that charge a fee unless you get, say, a subscription in return. No reflection on the quality of the contest–I know they are administratively costly–but it just makes me sad to think of hopeful writers paying to submit their work.) Still, this contest does give a delicious prize and all long-listed entries get a reader’s report on their work. Check it out and decide for yourself if it’s worth a gamble.

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