MASC Young Authors and Illustrators Festival 2023 (Update)

It was fab! In person! So many happy young faces! So many talented authors and illustrators!

This year’s MYAIF was a one-day event at Ottawa’s Science and Technology Museum. And what a day! Hosted by JustJamaal ThePoet, with over 140 kids attending, with workshops led by Tim Wynne-Jones, Philippa Dowding, Adrienne Kress, Soyeon Kim, Kean Soo, and me, plus readings, prizes, and lunchtime dancing — you can’t go wrong.

(Okay, I went a little wrong taking Boulevard Lucerne from Aylmer at rush hour with the Champlain Bridge down to one lane, and I was almost late for my own introduction — but all the rest went just right. :-))

Photographs by Martin Lipman, posted on the MASC Facebook page, capture the event better than I can describe, so check them out:

Photos from MYAIF 2023 by Martin Lipman

Be sure to keep tabs on the MASC website to find out when you can register for next year’s Young Authors and Illustrators Festival (MYAIF), and check out all their programs happening all year long.

Happy writing and illustrating!

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