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Self-searching online

When a friend told me that she pre-ordered my novel, Walking Backward, from, I got all excited to think that was even possible. I visited the site, found my book ranked 135,629th, and felt happy to be there at all. On a whim, I plugged my name into… Continue Reading “Self-searching online”

Being Read by Total Strangers

I stumbled onto my first book review a week ago (in CM Magazine). What a strangely thrilling experience. It’s what prompted me to start a blog and web page ( — built from a template and about as gripping as this blog). It is just slightly possible that a… Continue Reading “Being Read by Total Strangers”

Hello World

First attempt at a blog. I am totally confused, but I take heart in the knowledge that no one will actually read this.  My first children’s novel will be published next month. Hopefully I’ll have things to write in the coming weeks about book… Continue Reading “Hello World”

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