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Who’s Afraid of Public Speaking? (Fearless February Day 2)

Glossophobia. The fear of speaking in public. Also called “speech anxiety,” this is the most common phobia in North America. Three out of four people suffer from it — and we suspect there’s something wrong with that fourth guy. I mean, honestly, what kind… Continue Reading “Who’s Afraid of Public Speaking? (Fearless February Day 2)”

Who’s Afraid of Dogs? (Fearless February Day 1)

Cynophobia. The fear of dogs. It’s not quite as common as the fear of snakes or spiders or bees, but Cynophobia comes pretty close, and it’s a lot more debilitating for suburban schoolchildren. Your neighbours aren’t walking their tarantulas down the street while you’re… Continue Reading “Who’s Afraid of Dogs? (Fearless February Day 1)”

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