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Friday Faves–Books I Read and Loved this Spring

I updated my Goodreads account this afternoon, adding a dozen or so titles that I read and loved this spring. If you’re looking for a summer read, here are a few of my recent faves. Picture Books Once I Ate a Pie Written by…

Oh my Goodreads!

The Goodreads folk are awfully good at keeping in touch. They send me monthly updates, alert me when a favourite author publishes a new book, advise me on how to generate reader interest in my own books, and notify me whenever someone likes one of my reviews….

Friday Fable: The writer and the Goodreads reviewers

You may have heard the old tale, The Bear and the Bees: One day a bear was rooting around in a fallen log where there just happened to be a beehive. One little bee was on her way home with some pollen when she spotted the…

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