The Word on the Street

Word on the StreetWhat’s the Word on the Street? Visit today’s Word on the Street Blog to find out, and get answers to five tough questions that teen blogger Saambavi Mano asked me about my newest novel, All Good Children.

Be sure to check out other author interviews on the Blog, and if you’re anywhere near Vancouver, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Kitchener, Toronto, or Halifax, get out on the street on Sunday, September 25th, to celebrate literacy and literature.

I’ll be at the This is Not the Shakespeare Stage in Toronto on Sunday afternoon, speaking about dystopian YA. I have a box of All Good Children bookmarks and buttons to give away, and I’m up for author adoption in support of literacy. (I also have a roster of talks I want to hear and books I want to buy.) Check out the day’s events. I can’t wait.

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