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Too much Traffic?

I set out to update my website – which I haven’t done since, oh, December – but I was redirected to a notice saying the site’s traffic quota had been exceeded. Huh? I didn’t know there was a traffic limit on my website. (But… Continue Reading “Too much Traffic?”

The Word on the Street

What’s the Word on the Street? Visit today’s Word on the Street Blog to find out, and get answers to five tough questions that teen blogger Saambavi Mano asked me about my newest novel, All Good Children. Be sure to check out other author interviews on the Blog, and… Continue Reading “The Word on the Street”

Self-searching online

When a friend told me that she pre-ordered my novel, Walking Backward, from Amazon.ca, I got all excited to think that was even possible. I visited the site, found my book ranked 135,629th, and felt happy to be there at all. On a whim, I plugged my name into… Continue Reading “Self-searching online”

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