Goodreads Discussion Group Guest Author

All Good Children coverIf you’re interested in young adult novels, you should:

(a) read Daniel Pinkwater’s Young Adult Novel; and

(b) join the Goodreads YA Reads for Teachers (and Any Other Adults!) discussion group.

I am the group’s Guest Author this month, so I’ll be talking with discussion group members and visitors about the writing life, my award-winning teen novel, All Good Children, and any odd questions that come to my mind and yours.

Today I’m asking about narrators and gender, and whether readers have any preference in mixing up the two. (I seem to have a preference in writing from a boy’s perspective when using first person. What does it all mean?!)

If you have any questions or comments about All Good Children or other YA novels you’ve been reading – or writing –  please join in. The discussion is open to everyone. Don’t be shy. I’ll be popping by to chat all month.

You can enter the discussion by clicking this link.

Hope to see you there.

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