The Sunburst Awards

sunburstThe Sunburst Award Society (for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic) has just selected my novel, All Good Children, as the winner of the 2012 Sunburst Award in the Young Adult category. I am thrilled!

Check out the Press Release here.

All Good Children coverI owe everyone at Orca Book Publishers my thanks for making this book possible, most especially my editor, Sarah Harvey. I am so pleased with how the book turned out, and how Orca’s wonderful marketing team – Dayle Sutherland and Leslie Bootle – have worked to get this book in the hands of readers all over Canada and the U.S. I couldn’t have asked for a better publisher.

Winning the Sunburst Award is icing on the cake. All of the nominated titles were wonderful this year, and it was an honour to be in their company.

Check out all the shortlisted titles in the Adult and Young Adult categories.

And if you haven’t read All Good Children yet, it’s probably time.

3 Comments on “The Sunburst Awards

  1. I think you deserve the award, if only for the reason that when Ally stepped on Fred and crushed his dinner between her fingers, I cried. What a very emotional, heart-breaking, journey of love, and I hope you wirte more for young adults.

    • Thank you so much! Is it wrong to say, “I’m so pleased that I made you cry”? Some stories I’ve written were sheer joy, while others were emotionally exhausting, though well worth the effort. I am in the middle of writing one of those latter types now (hopefully nearer the end than the middle). My kids come home from school to find me in tears at the keyboard, and they know I’m having a great day of work. I hope to make more readers cry with books to come. 🙂

      • Keep up the good work, because it seems to be working. I feel that, to tell if a story is worth telling, you have to tell it to yourself. If you’re crying, then someone else will be too when they get their hands on it.

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