Cabin Tales Podcast Trailer

I’m having a blast developing my podcast, Cabin Tales: Spooky Stories for Young Writers. It’s morphing as it goes, but here’s the trailer for it.

Check out the website,, for more information.

And tune in to the podcast next week — the first episode launches on Friday, August 7th. It’s all about setting. It features a story with a spooky underwater monster, interview excerpts from Caroline Pignat, Lori Weber, and Tim Wynne Jones, and a ghost story set in my creepy basement that listeners are invited to finish.

I’ll even have a “fright-free” version available for very young writers. 🙂

The podcast will run through the Fall 2020. Follow Cabin Tales on Podbean or wherever you like to listen.

(This is a learning process. I think the Podbean site automatically shares things to this blog without my control, so you may have read all this already. Hmm. I’ll figure it all out eventually. 🙂 )


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