Cabin Tales Podcast Trailer


A 1-minute trailer for the upcoming podcast, Cabin Tales: Spooky Stories for Young Writers. Launching next week, Friday, August 7th, 2020. 


Trailer Transcript:

“Listen to Cabin Tales: Spooky Stories for Young Writers, a podcast where every episode focuses on one aspect of creative writing. Featuring original stories told around a fictional campfire, plus creative writing commentary, excerpts from classics, and interviews with some of Canada’s finest authors for children and young adults. Hosted by Catherine Austen. Launching August 7th, with new episodes every Friday at 30 minutes each. Visit for more information. Build a fire in your mind, seat some young storytellers around it, pull up a chair and listen in. Then take your turn and write your own tale.”


(Music credit: “Stories of the Old Mansion” by Akashic Records, provided by Jamendo, Standard license for online use)

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