Discover the Best Books on

I’m pleased to join the many authors making book recommendations on the new book discovery site, Check it out to discover the books your favourite authors recommend.

You can find thousands of recommendations for books connected by theme. (And you’ll only find recommendations – no ratings, no complaints.) Whether you’re looking for a cookbook, a romance, or an exploration of freedom of speech in ancient Greece — or anything else that suits you — you’ll find it there.

The recommendations are highly personal – reading them, you’ll get to know the authors a little bit more by the books they choose and their reasons for recommending them. So if you have a favourite author, look for them there.

You can read my list of “Best Books with Understated Siblings” here

covers of five "best books with understated siblings"

And while you’re there, check out the entire sibling bookshelf.

The site launched in April 2021 and it’s still in its beta stage, but over 150,000 visitors are already browsing its bookshelves each month. It will soon include genre and age pages and additional filters to help readers search for new best books. You can sign up as an author or as a reader to keep on top of progress through the Shepherd monthly newsletter. Or find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy reading.

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