Stories and Litmags

I’m resurrecting my old list of Canadian litmags because it’s just so handy for short story writers to know the word limits at a glance. Since I’m updating it for myself, why not share?

I’ve been fortunate in having several stories (for adults) published this year, including a few in online journals:

It’s time I got a collection together! That’s one of the projects I’ll be working on in 2023.

I do still write for kids, and I have several stories for children coming out online this winter, too, some for Blue Met and some for Alloprof.

Blue Met is doing magical things with a new story of mine for their “Numbers Spelled Out” series, and I’ll post about that in 2023. For now, they’ve republished their holiday series from 2021, so you can listen to me read a children’s story, “Winter Blues,” — and listen to many other authors read their stories, too — on the Blue Met website.

And novels? I have one for young readers out on submission and one for teens in the revision stage that tops my 2023 To-Do list. So yeah, I’m still writing. 🙂

Here’s my litmag list. Have a look. Read. Submit. Subscribe — any one of these journals makes a great Christmas present. Happy New Year to all!

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