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Friday Fable: The Old Writer and Oblivion

You may have heard the old story about The Old Man and Death: An old man was out gathering a bundle of sticks for his fire. He cut a dozen thick pieces in the forest and began to carry them home. He had a long way to…

Friday Fable: The Writer and the Busy Life

You may know the old story, The Child and the Brook: One day an old man was out walking when he noticed a child standing by the side of a stream. The boy stood there for over an hour, shifting from leg to leg,…

Friday Fable: A Writer, her Delete Key, and their Story

You may know the old fable, A Man, his Son, and their Donkey: A man set out on a trip with his son and their donkey. His son sat up on the donkey while the man walked beside them. They were happy on their…

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