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Friday Fable: The Inspired Writer

You may know the old story of “The Mule:” A mule who was used to lazing around munching grass for months on end, began to jump and gambol about one sunny day. It felt so good to stretch and move! “I feel invincible,” the mule thought….

Friday Fable: The Writer and the 138,000 word manuscript

You may know the old story, The Boy and the Nuts: A child visiting a wealthy home was pleased to find on the table a jar full of nuts and figs. (This was in the days before Skittles, keep in mind.) He plunged his…

The Sunburst Awards

The Sunburst Award Society (for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic) has just selected my novel, All Good Children, as the winner of the 2012 Sunburst Award in the Young Adult category. I am thrilled! Check out the Press Release here. I owe…

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