Follow-up with Squirrel Activities

After reading When the Squirrels Stole my Sister, have some fun with these activities:

  • Make a cootie catcher to try on all your friends and let them know in what way they’re squirrelly.

Download and print the pdf, then follow the instructions to fold it up and start using it.


  • Play “The Squirrels Stole my…” memory game. Follow the alphabet and take turns telling what the squirrels stole and keeping track of all the loot. You can use people, as in the book. (“The squirrels stole my Aunt/The squirrels stole my Aunt and my Brother/The squirrels stole my Aunt, my Brother, and my Cousin…”). Or try it with animals (“The squirrels stole my Antelope and my Bear and my Camel…”) or objects (“The squirrels stole my Apple and my Book and my Camera…”) Thanks to retired teacher Patricia Dickinson for this great idea!
  • Make some art! Watch the When the Squirrels Stole my Sister book launch and follow illustrator Sean Cassidy’s squirrel-drawing lessons. And check out the Squirrel Student Art slideshow for more inspiration.
  • Write your own story about the backyard wildlife around you. Choose an animal and an emotion and just start writing. A lonely raccoon, a worried sparrow, a clever Junebug — have fun!

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