Student Squirrel Art

There’s nothing as refreshing as nature and art, and the way the two combine in a young person’s imagination.

Check out a slideshow of gorgeous squirrels created by students of Greater Gatineau Elementary School (Gatineau, Quebec), to help beautify the virtual launch of When the Squirrels Stole my Sister.

Student Squirrel Art Slide Show 🙂

Thanks kids! And a big thank-you to your teachers, too.

Mrs. Boersma’s Kindergarten class gave a new twist to the classic Thanksgiving Turkey tail by making a beautiful squirrel tail out of their handprints.

Mrs. Allen’s and Mrs. Weizel’s Kindergarten classes drew their squirrels using crayons and markers, respectively.

Mrs. Bush’s Grade 2 class took inspiration from That Artist Woman’s “Fall Trees” painting lesson (…) and Art Hub for Kids “How to Draw a Squirrel” lesson ( to make their mixed-media creations.

Take inspiration from these young artists and the wildlife around you to make your own beautiful works of art.

Want more inspiration? Find fun drawing lessons from illustrator Sean Cassidy at the virtual launch of When the Squirrels Stole my Sister.

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