Interview with a Wildlife Rehabilitator

If I hosted an in-person book launch for When the Squirrels Stole my Sister, I’d have lots of squirrel-related info on the walls, which guests could read as they mingled. I might even invite a few squirrel experts to speak after the reading.

Imagine this interview on a virtual wall. Admire the adorable critters fostered at Caitlin’s Critters Rescue and Rehab in Ottawa, Ontario, and read about her work. (Photos courtesy of Caitlin’s Facebook page.)

Look — there’s Caitlin herself in a corner of the book launch. Let’s go talk to her and ask her some questions about wildlife rehabilitation and the squirrels she cares for.

What is the best thing about your work?

CC: Seeing the animals successfully return to the wild where they belong is by far the most rewarding part of helping wildlife. Many of our days can be full of sadness and stress, but the moment the animal realizes it’s free and bounds away from you is what I try to focus on and look ahead to in those difficult times. Everything I do for the animals is with this end goal in mind.

Click on the pdf link below to read the full interview.

To learn more, follow, or support Caitlin’s Critters, visit the Caitlin’s Critters Facebook Page.

For more squirrel-related information and activities, visit my Squirrel Follow-up Activities Page.

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