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My First Short Story in Twenty Years

Okay, it has been three weeks and you might be wondering if I was kidnapped by the Storyfest kids I mentioned in my last post. No such luck – I had to leave Hudson when the event was over. It was lovely, BTW, and…

Places for Young Writers to Publish – Updated January 2017

As promised… To the young Canadians out there who feel like their words are all dressed up with no place to go, here is a list of traditional publishing opportunities – print and online magazines – just for you. Remember, if you’re not ready to submit to…

Friday Fable: Sour Writers

You have probably heard the fable, Sour Grapes: A hungry fox snuck into a vineyard where ripe grapes hung from tall vines. The fox stood on his hind legs and snapped his jaws, eager for a taste. But the grapes hung just out of…

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