All Good Children go to Heaven (or at least to paperback and Booktrack editions)

A couple of cool things have happened this fall with my 2011 teen novel, All Good Children.

First, All Good Children is now available in paperback! Orca Book Publishers has produced a gorgeous paperback version of the book. It’s blue, it’s ominous, it’s a keeper. Check it out in their Fall 2016 catalogue:



So now you can buy the book in hard cover or paperback from the Orca website. Awesome.

While you’re on the Orca website, check out the whole Fall 2016 catalogue. (Then check out the Spring 2017 catalogue.) As they do every season, Orca has a great selection of books for kids, teens, and reluctant readers of all ages. (I’m partial to picture books and since I just learned how to take screen shots–seriously, I just looked it up five minutes ago–I’ll show you a few new gorgeous titles here:


If you prefer to read on a screen, All Good Children is available as an ebook from Amazon or a dozen other ebook vendors.

If you like an ebook with a little something extra, then my second bit of news is for you:

All Good Children is now available from Booktrack! Booktrack is a very cool electronic publisher that offers ebooks with a synchronized movie-­style soundtrack. Music and ambient audio are perfectly synched to the story and to the reader’s pace. Now that’s immersive. Check it out and try a free preview.


What a lovely 5th birthday for this book!

Have a great weekend. 🙂


4 Comments on “All Good Children go to Heaven (or at least to paperback and Booktrack editions)

  1. I sampled the preview – didn’t know such a thing existed, but very cool that your book gets some new treatment/attention! Pretty sure this feature would have lots of kid appeal – good luck with it!

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