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Making Time to Write

I wanted to blog today in order to procrastinate on writing an Annual Report due Friday – most of my meagre blogging attempts coincide with the due dates of paid writing contracts – but alas, procrastination is not in the cards for me because fellow writer Lizann Flatt… Continue Reading “Making Time to Write”

New Discouragements and New Motivations

A friend of a friend has gone into the same large bookstore three times to request my book, without any luck. The store had two copies in October–each store in the chain seemed to receive two copies of my book–but when those were quickly sold, they didn’t order more. The… Continue Reading “New Discouragements and New Motivations”

Book Launching Afterword

Now that I’ve had my first book launch–which everyone tells me went very well, though I was so nervous it’s a bit of a blank–I thought I’d pass on three bits of advice for future launchers. First, you need more set-up helpers than you think. Bank on unforeseen delays.… Continue Reading “Book Launching Afterword”

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