My Interests and Addictions

Glistening mushroom
A sample of my fungal photography

I like yoga, drums, and swimming with flippers on my feet. I quilt by hand in front of the television while watching “World of Dance.” I make good cookies and great salads. I take awesome photographs of mushrooms. I’m learning to draw.

I love wildlife, music, and museums. I don’t care about houses, clothes, or celebrity gossip. I hate fashion magazines, but I sometimes read them in waiting rooms and find them hard to put down. I love to read aloud (books, that is, not fashion mags).

A sample of my quilts

I am addicted to the computer game, “Heroes of Might and Magic.” (It’s from 1995. But HMMIII, my fave, is from 1999. So only 20 years old. And still good.)

I have three cats and a dog, two kids and a husband, plus two sisters and two brothers, and a few dear friends. But I spend a lot of time alone and I go kind of nuts if I can’t get away from people.

Me at my cabin, staying sane.

Nature keeps me sane, and it is by losing myself in the natural world that I continually rediscover who I am and how lucky I am to be here at all.

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