My Interests and Addictions

Glistening mushroom
A sample of my fungal photography

I like yoga, drums, and swimming with flippers on my feet. I quilt by hand in front of the television. I make good cookies and great salads. I take awesome photographs of mushrooms. I’m learning to draw.

I love wildlife, music, and museums. I don’t care about houses, clothes, or celebrity gossip. I hate fashion magazines, but I sometimes read them in waiting rooms and find them hard to put down. I love to read aloud (books, that is, not fashion mags).

A sample of my quilts

I am addicted to the computer game, “Heroes of Might and Magic.” (It’s from 1995. But HMMIII, my fave, is from 1999. So not that old.)

I have two cats and a dog, two kids and a husband, two sisters and two brothers, and a few dear friends. But I spend a lot of time alone and I go kind of nuts if I can’t get away from people.

Me at my cabin, staying sane.

Nature keeps me sane, and it is by losing myself in the natural world that I continually rediscover who I am and how lucky I am to be here at all.

I developed acrophobia as an adult, which spawned my keen interest in phobias. The absolute coolest thing about this website is the gathering of phobic people on my blog post about the fear of clocks. Being published is great; reaching readers is amazing; and helping young writers has been a joy. But bringing together people from around the world who suffer a rare phobia and always felt alone until they found each other on my silly blog? That’s the best. 

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