My Latest Picture Book

It has been a long time coming! My new picture book, When the Squirrels Stole my Sister, illustrated by Sean Cassidy, will be published by Fitzhenry and Whiteside this fall. Just in time to stock up on nuts.

Love squirrels? Check out all the info and activities on my Squirrel book page. There’s student squirrel art, squirrel videos, an Eastern Grey Squirrel A-Z, an interview with a wildlife rehabilitator, mazes, crosswords, cootie catchers and more!

Want to read the book? Here’s the blurb:

My sister tamed a squirrel with peanuts until it ate out of her hand…. So begins a tongue—in—cheek tale of taming gone wrong. When a genius squirrel launches a daring winter storage plan, big sister ends up high in the oak tree with a new furry family. But what will happen when her nuts run out? It’s little sister to the rescue! (In her own ingenious way.)

Check out the lovely cover. (Thanks, Sean!)

You can read about the book’s development in an earlier blog post here.

Or forget the past and just go order your copy today. 🙂

Happy Autumn!

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